The LARM Project Group

Contact Details

We are here to answer your questions! Find the contact information to the committee of LARM2022 below.

Project Manager 2022

Simon Andersson

Project Manager 2022

+46 70 269 45 80

External Relations Group

Anna Persson

Team Leader External Relations

Gasparas Grikainis

Account Manager

Liza Grefberg

Account Manager

Filip Pallin

Account Manager

Tim Bodin

Head of Events

Emma Bernersson

Head of Events

Communication Group

Johan Hedberg

Team Leader Communcation

Alfred Sundstedt

Head of Web and IT

Viktor Rönnbäck

Head of Web and IT

Hugo Eriksson

Art Director

Career Fair Group

Johannes Knutas

Team Leader Career Fair

Maja Höglund

Head of Information

Hjalmar Svensson

Head of Premises and Decoration

Niclas Väinölä

Head of Premises and Logistics

Moa Berglund

Head of Services

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