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Host Application

The host application for LARM2024 is now closed. If you are still interested in being a host at LARM2024, send an email to Sofia Gerhardsson at to see if there is an available spot that suits your interests.

Host Benefits

Being a host at LARM is a valuable engagement. You will get the opportunity to cooperate with students outside your own association, create connections for the future, and get an insight into one of the biggest student organizations at LiU.

As a host, you will be helping during the day of the fair, the 13th of February as well as during the construction. In return for your efforts, you will get:

  • A ticket to the LARM-kickoff at Kårhuset Kollektivet on the 18th of January (for free).
  • A ticket to the LARM banquet at Konsert & Kongress on the 13th of February (for free).
  • A LARM backpack (for free).
  • A LARM-patch to put on your overall (for free).
  • Priority to the events during pre-LARM.
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks during the fair day.

If you are a student studying at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, you will have nothing on your schedule during the fair day, so you will not miss out on any of your studies. As a host at LARM, you are also guaranteed free time to see the fair.

You can read more about the different roles and responsibilities further down this page.

Description of the Different Roles

Banquet Host

As a banquet host, you will bring out your creative side and help to prepare the LARM2024-banquet. The work involves table placement and decoration of the banquet. You will do this together with the team consisting of hosts and a coordinator.

If you have any questions, please contact Feredia Kandakji at

Catering Host

As a catering host, you, together with a team of service hosts and your coordinator, will be serving food, helping the fair exhibitors and workers get a well deserved mid-day rest and provide our guests with the best possible service. If you are efficient, organized and thrive under pressure, join us for the LARM2024 service group and help us give our guests an experience they will never forget!

If you have any questions contact Tilde Tängerstad at


Company representatives arrive to Linköping from all over Sweden to participate in LARM2024 and many of them will need help with transportation from the train station or a hotel to the fair and back again. Therefore, the exhibitor will have the possibility to book transportation during the fair day. As a chauffeur you are the first person whom the representatives meet, and a good first impression is important. This is a great opportunity to speak with representatives from a variety of different companies. You should be responsible, social, a great driver, have a decent overview of Linköping and hold a valid driver's license.

For questions contact Niclas Appeltofft at

Event Host

Elevate your university experience by becoming an Event Host at LARM, Linköping University's largest career fair! Dive into a hands-on role where you'll actively engage with companies, assist in event arrangements during pre-LARM, and collaborate closely with a team of hosts to ensure seamless execution. Your role involves not just representing the university, but also fostering connections and creating an unforgettable experience for exhibitors and attendees alike. You will also work closely with the event coordinators that will help and inform you during your work at LARM2024. If you possess good organizational and communication skills, apply now to contribute to the success of LARM2024 and play an important role in shaping the future of career connections!

If you have any questions, please contact Gustav Nislander at or Jakob Rosenbaum at or Tuva Steensrum at

Exhibitor Host

Would you like the opportunity to create connections with your dream exhibitor? Apply to be an Exhibitor Host for a unique opportunity to connect with two different exhibitors. As an Exhibitor Host you will be LinTek’s student representative and an important resource for your exhibitors, both before and during the fair. As an Exhibitor Host you will be liaising with the exhibitors before the fair, which among other things means verifying the information in the exhibitors’ applications as well as answering eventual questions. In addition to that, you will play an important role in the build-up of the fair and organizing your exhibitors’ showcases. During the fair, it is your job to make sure your exhibitors get the best service possible and that they have a good experience at LARM2024. For the post as Exhibitor Host, we are looking for someone who is responsible, service-minded and professional.

If you have any questions, please contact Theodor Lindberg at or Nadja Ydehall at

Fair Host

As a fair host you will be an essential part of the fair's image and set up. In this post you will be helping us to set up the decorations and map out the fair in order to make it an easy to navigate and well decorated event. You will be working with a team of other hosts as well as your coordinator to make LARM2024 a memorable experience for all students and exhibitors attending!

If you have any questions, please contact Sofia Davidsson at

Information Host

As an Information Host, you will be the public face of LARM2024. You will be working at the information desk and greet students at the fair. Together with your coordinator as well as other hosts, you will be answering questions from exhibitors and students, taking care of additional orders, and helping with the check-in. We want you who are a service-minded team player, stress tolerant and have a positive mindset.

If you have any questions, please contact Anna Werme at

Logistics Host

LARM2024 is a big project which means a large flow of people, showcases and transportations. As a Logistics Host you will help the Logistics Coordinator, making sure that everything is managed in a structured, effective and professional way. Tasks include receiving goods, transportation of showcases, making sure the parking area is used properly, handing out goods to the companies and manage the logistics counter, where the exhibitors can book one of our taxis. You might also support other areas during the exhibition. At the end of the fair you will assist by moving goods and showcases that will be transported from the fair. A valid driver's license is a plus since you can help with transportations.

For questions contact Niclas Appeltofft at

Lounge Host

As a lounge host, you will work in a team of other hosts and coordinators. The main areas will be to help make sure that the lounges work for both students and the fair exhibitors. You will have a chance to socialize with representatives from different companies and make sure they have a comfortable place to relax during a hectic day. Or make sure the students have a chance to grab the free products coming from sponsorships and refill snacks. You will also have a chance to work in the wardrobe from time to time, helping representatives and students alike to where they can store their things. Join us in LARM2024 if you work well under stress and are excited to meet people.

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Göransson at or Malou Zapata at

Night Guard

As a Night Guard, you will keep an eye on the exhibition area during the days before the LARM2024 fair, when all the showcases are rigged. You guard in pairs of two and the nights are divided in two shifts. Your presence is meant to deter unauthorized persons. Once an hour you should patrol the whole exhibition area and look for things that seem suspicious. When the fair closes, you will also be a part of the demolition of the fair together with everyone working with LARM2024.

If you have any questions contact Amanda Landucci at

Photographer/ Filmmaker Host

A big event such as LARM2024 has to be documented! We're on the lookout for someone who would like to capture key moments from the events of pre-LARM, the Fair and of course The Banquet. No big portfolio needed — just a love for photography and your own equipment. If you've got some favorite shots, we’d love to see them in your application. Also, if you have a great passion for filmmaking and video editing we’d love to have you onboard as well!

We also seek a few hosts who can manage the studio during the Fair. In the studio we will offer visitors of the exhibition the opportunity to take stunning and eye-catching portraits for their resume. For this we will provide you with equipment, so no need to worry about that.

If you have any questions contact Gustav Wengerzink at

Sponsorship Host

As a sponsorship host, you will work towards bringing additional value to visitors and exhibitors of the fair. Our objective is to have two lounges filled with a vast variety of free snacks, drinks, and other products that students as well as exhibitor representatives can enjoy. Additionally, we aim to create about 200 goodie-bags filled with sponsored products that will be handed out during the opening ceremony. To make this happen, you and the rest of the sponsorship team will reach out to suitable companies. To ensure a great assortment of products we strongly appreciate when you come up with your own ideas for possible companies. When the fair itself is closing in you will help with taking care of received products and planning the disposal into the lounges and goodiebags. Finally, during the fair, you will be working in one of the lounges to ensure that service towards visitors and exhibitors is met.

If you have any questions contact Hugo Franklin at

Tech Host

As a tech host, you will be a member of the team in charge of assisting the exhibitors with obtaining power and serving as their first point of contact for any technical issues that may arise throughout the fair. It might be anything from fixing a fuse in a locker somewhere, to assisting someone in using our WiFi network. Join us in the LARM2024 tech group if you enjoy taking initiative, solving problems under pressure, and are technically minded.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Jakob Lindgren at if you require any additional information.