Description of the Different Roles

Banquet Host

Every year, LARM ends with the LARM-banquet, a grand dinner party for all exhibitors and students who have been involved. As a Banquet Host you get to shape the guests' experience and create a magical night! Your work will start a few days before the career fair and will involve helping with different preparations for the banquet. As a Banquet Host you should be organized and have an eye for detail. We would also like for you to be responsible and a team player.

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Stenvall


Company representatives arrive to Linköping from all over Sweden to participate in LARM2023 and many of them will need help with transportation from the train station or a hotel to the fair and back again. Therefore, the exhibitor will have the possibility to book transportation during the fair day. As a chauffeur you are the first person whom the representatives meet, and a good first impression is important. This is a great opportunity to speak with representatives from a variety of different companies. You should be responsible, social, a great driver, have a decent overview of Linköping and hold a valid driver's license.

For questions contact Oscar Ljungdahl,

Event Host

As an Event Host you will work together with the Event Coordinators to host different events during pre-LARM, as well as work with individual meetings during the day of the fair. The events during pre-LARM consist of both lunch lectures and evening events. You will for most of the events have the possibility to participate in the events too. This year's events will also be held in Norrköping, which makes this position suitable for students both in Linköping as well as Norrköping. The position will suit you if you are an outgoing and problem-solving person that can handle stressful situations.

If you have any questions, please contact Lukas Floberg, alt. Hanna Röstin,

Photographer/ Filmmaker Host

Such a big event as LARM2023 has to be documented! In order to do so we are now looking for someone who has interest in capturing key moments. As Photographer or Filmmaker you will document events during pre-LARM as well as the day of The Fair and The Banquet. We are interested in someone who has the experience of photography. Knowledge in photo editing is qualifying and access to a camera of your own is needed. We would like to see a couple photos of you own in your application. We are also interested in someone who has experience of filmmaking. Knowledge in film editing is qualifying and access to a camera of your own is needed. We would like to see a video filmed and edited by you.

If you have any questions, please contact Bella Engelson,

Exhibitor Host

Would you like the opportunity to create connections with your dream exhibitor? Apply to be an Exhibitor Host for a unique opportunity to connect with two different exhibitors. As an Exhibitor Host you will be LinTek’s student representative and an important resource for your exhibitors, both before and during the fair. As an Exhibitor Host you will be liaising with the exhibitors before the fair, which among other things means verifying the information in the exhibitors’ applications as well as answering eventual questions. In addition to that, you will play an important role in the build-up of the fair and organizing your exhibitors’ showcases. During the fair, it is your job to make sure your exhibitors get the best service possible and that they have a good experience at LARM. For the post as Exhibitor Host, we are looking for someone who are responsible, service-minded and professional.

If you have any questions, please contact Louise Andersson, alt. August Ek,

Information Host

As an Information Host you will be the public face of LARM2023. You will have two main tasks: greeting students and working at the information desk. At the information desk you will be working with your coordinator as well as other Information Hosts, where you will be answering questions from exhibitors and students, taking care of additional orders and helping with the check-in. When greeting students you will answer questions and help them find the best exhibitors based on their interests and skills.
We want you who are service-minded, stress tolerant and a team player with a positive mindset.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Gardsten,

Logistics Host

LARM2023 is a big project which means a large flow of people, showcases and transportations. As a Logistics Host you will help the Logistics Coordinator, making sure that everything is managed in a structured, effective and professional way. Tasks include receiving goods, transportation of showcases, making sure the parking area is used properly, handing out goods to the companies and manage the logistics counter, where the exhibitors can book one of our taxis. At the end of the fair you will assist by moving goods and showcases that will be transported from the fair. A valid driver's license is a plus since you can help with transportations.

For questions contact Oscar Ljungdahl,

Lounge Host

As a lounge host you will work in both lounges and cloakrooms during the fair for company representatives, other hosts and visiting students. In the lounges, your tasks will be to refill snacks and drinks, as well as keeping the lounges nice and tidy. The lounges and cloakrooms are an important part of the fair experience for the exhibitors and students, so you will contribute to a better fair for all visitors. Additionally, you will help preparing breakfast for company representatives and hosts. We are looking for social and service-minded people who work well under pressure.

If you have any questions, please contact Sixten Landin,

Fair Host

As a Fair Host, you will work with various things regarding construction and dismantling of the fair, as well as decoration and logistics! As a Fair Host, you will get a good overview of the work behind the scenes of a fair, and you will get to help with logistics problems. You will also get the opportunity to test your organization skills, as there are a lot of different tasks that need to be managed smoothly. We are looking for people who are organized, have a positive attitude, and like working with others!

If you have any questions, please contact Ebba Fock,

Night Guard

As a Night Guard you will keep an eye on the exhibition area during the weekend or night before the LARM fair, when all the showcases are rigged. You guard in pairs of two and each night is divided into two shifts. You will be signed up for two of these shifts. During the fair you are free to mingle and talk to the companies until it closes, then you will work with the dismantling of the fair before the banquet. Are you a night owl who wants to spend a night in the C-building? In that case this is the post for you!

For questions contact Vendela Stenholm,

Catering Host

As a catering host you will be serving lunch during the fair to both company representatives and other hosts. You will get the opportunity to take responsibility and own initiatives but at the same time have fun and social tasks. We will work together to give all guest the best lunch experience possible and we are therefore looking for you who are social, responsible and service-minded. It is an advantage if you handle stress well and have an eye for details but the most important part is that you want to be part of a fun experience.

If you have any questions, please contact Roseline Olaniran,

Tech Host

As a Tech Host your mission will be to make sure that the electrical and overall technological aspect of the fair runs as smoothly as possible. The day before the fair, we will set up cables, routers and make sure that all our guests have access to internet and electricity. During the fair itself, you will remain on alert for any possible technical issues that might occur. If problems do occur it will be your task to solve them as best you can, with the help of the team if needed. If you are applying for Tech Host we would like for you to have an interest in technology, an interest for learning new things and most of all that you are a team player.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Sandgren,