Tuesday, February 15 2022, LARM virtual Fair via Graduateland. This will give you the opportunity to network with exhibitors wherever you are! A virtual Fair is similar to a physical one, except that you interact with the exhibitors by chats and video calls. Before the Fair takes place, you as a student will be able to create your own profile so that you can learn about the exhibitors in their virtual stalls. In the stalls you can find potential job vacancies, information about the exhibitor, FAQ and in some cases also a describing video.

How do I find the Fair?

The virtual Fair will take place on LARM’s virtual platform via Graduateland. Here you can find the link to the Fair, where you are able to create your profile today!

Physical lounges during the Fair day

Even though the career fair is virtual, we will still have physical lounges in both Norrköping and Linköping. In Norrköping we will have a student lounge in the Pub in Trappan with coffee and snacks. Here you can sit down to relax or to study. In Linköping we will have a corresponding student lounge with coffee and snacks with opportunity to relax and study. The student lounge in Linköping is in Matsalen in Kårallen. In Linköping there will also be a styling lounge in Matsalen and in Gourmetsalen. Here you can get a new haircut, a fancy hairstyle, manicure or make-up.

Prepare for the Fair!

The Fair will take place Tuesday, February 15 2022 9am - 4pm, but you can create your own profile right now and learn about the exhibitors. To be prepared for the Fair, you can already complete the following steps:

  1. Create your own profile on LARM’s virtual platform by clicking here. Select “Sign up”, then “Create user profile” and then “Sign up with student account” and fill in the requested information.
  2. Register for the Fair by clicking “Register” here.
  3. Fill in your profile carefully, adding a profile picture gives your profile a more professional impression towards the exhibitors.
  4. Browse the platform and get into the exhibitors before the Fair in order to find out which ones you find interesting. Learning about the exhibitors will also make you prepared for potential conversations on the day of the Fair.
  5. Attend the Fair February 15 to apply for jobs, interact with exhibitors, watch live presentations and build new contacts for the future!

Tips before Fair Day

To get the most out of the fair, it is important to be well prepared. Below you will find some tips on how to get prepared:

  • Read up on the exhibitors you are interested in from their virtual stands and their websites.
  • Fill in your profile in detail, your profile will be visible to the exhibitors and will also lay the foundation for calculating the matching score that determines how well you match what companies are looking for.
  • Prepare relevant questions you wish to ask the exhibitors that interested you
  • Prepare an introduction of yourself, enhancing your best skills and abilities

Tips for the Fair day

The Fair Day will be full of activities, presentations, personal meetings, competitions and much more. Below you will therefore find some tips on how to optimize your Fair Day:

  • Filter the exhibitors according to your requirements, in order to do this it is important that you have filled in your profile carefully.
  • Ask the exhibitors to initiate video- / voice calls. Exhibitors can start video- / voice calls, so if you feel more comfortable with introducing yourself verbally, just ask the exhibitor.
  • Filter exhibitors according to number of active chats. It is possible to filter exhibitors by number of active chats, you can thereby easy find exhibitors where you do not need to wait for a talk.