The Banquet

On the evening a banquet will take place at Linköping Concert & Congress hall. The dresscode for the evening is business formal. It will be a nice ending of the fair day together with us in the Project Group, Exhibitor Hosts and other students that have been working with LARM2019. The evening starts at 18:30 with a welcome drink followed by a three-course dinner. The banquet ends before 23:00. When the banquet is over there will be an after party in the same building, where a live band will play. The after party ends at 01:00.

If you wish to change something in your banquet-application, please contact your Exhibitor Host. Do not forget to inform us of changes in new drinking choices or special diets if you change the person who will attend the banquet. The last day for you to make changes in your application will be January 21. If you need to make changes after this date, talk to your Exhibitor Host and we will try to adjust your application. We cannot guarantee your meal preference after this date. You will find an invitation to the LARM-banquet in this letter. In the invitation there will be more information about time, place and dress code. You will also find a map to Linköping Concert & Congress hall through Google Maps.

Please note that the tickets to the banquet are personal, and therefore you can not for example use them as a prize to a competition held during the fair-day. If you decide not to attend the banquet during the fair-day, please contact personnel at our information desks.

Drink tickets for the Banquet

If you wish to drink more than what is included in the price for the banquet you can buy more in the bar – either paying with your credit-card or with our drinking tickets. You can give your drinking ticket to the bartender in exchange for what you wish to drink. You will be able to buy drink tickets at the information desks during the fair, if you have not ordered them in advance. There will be a limited amount of drinking tickets available to buy at the information desks.

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