About LARM

A Career Fair that connects students and companies

LARM is a career fair that is arranged by LinTek – The Student Union of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. This year it is held for the 38th time at Campus Valla in Linköping. This is your chance as an exhibitor or an organization to to meet over 9000 soon to be engineers, graphic designers, scientists or mathematicians at The Institute of Technology at Linköping University. LARM is the biggest career fair at Linköping University and one of the biggest in Sweden. Our goal is to be the obvious step from university to the dream job, as well as looking for the future employee.

LARM starts off with pre-LARM, which are two fun weeks filled with events where you as companies have the possibility to meet the technology students after your wishes. LARM culminates with a well-visited fair and a grand banquet. Do not miss out on the opportunity to meet the future of Sweden at LARM2019!

A wide range of exhibitors

Every year, around 150 exhibitors visit LARM. The exhibitors comes from the industrial-, IT- and bank sectors. You can also find consulting companies and municipalities. We strive to have a wide range of different exhibitors to represent the job market as best as possible.


LARM is arranged by LinTek- The Student Union of The Student Union of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and a group of engaged student with a burning interest for LARM. Since the start, LARM has given hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of well-educated technology students the opportunity to meet and connect for the future in a relaxed and nice environment.

The Project Group of LARM consists of one full time Project Manager and 36 volunteering technology students. Without our 206 Hosts, LARM would not be possible!

LARM2019 – February 12th 2019 – Campus Valla, Linköping, Sweden