Entry fee

The entry fee to participate in LARM2019 on February 12th is 23 900 SEK and includes the following:

  • A display area consisting of 6 square meters (3 meters wide x 2 meters deep)
  • A carpet adapted to the display area
  • Advertising space in LARM’s electronic fair catalogue
  • A link to your webpage on LARM’s webpage
  • Your own personal exhibitor host, who will be your contact person before and during the fair. LARM offers lunch and banquet tickets to your exhibitor host
  • Breakfast, snacks and four (4) lunch tickets which you can use during the day
  • Free access to the reception and cloakroom
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electric outlet
  • Personal transport to and from the fairground during the day of the fair (by reservation)
  • Free parking

Additional services

  • Extra space for your showcase, 5 000 SEK per square meter
  • Extra high showcase height: 2,4-2,6 m 1 500 SEK, 2,6-3,0 m 2 000 SEK, 3,0-3,4 m 2 500 SEK
  • Barstool, 300 SEK
  • High table, 450 SEK
  • TV-screen, 4 500 SEK
  • Floor-standing plant, 350 SEK
  • Individual meetings, 4 000 SEK
  • Extra lunch ticket, 100 SEK (When purchased at least 3 weeks prior to the fair)
  • Extra lunch ticket, 150 SEK (When purchased less than 3 weeks prior to the fair)
  • Banquet ticket, 820 SEK
  • Drink ticket, 75 SEK
  • Lunch lecture during pre-LARM, 15 000 SEK (For more information, please contact

VAT is included in all prices. Misprintings and changes can occur. The Union of Technology and Science Students at Linköping University is a non-profit association, it is therefore not possible to deduct VAT from the prices.