LinTek’s Career Fair at Linköping University is your opportunity to meet over 9 000 dedicated and ambitious technology students. Do not miss out on your chance to inspire, create and cultivate your personal connections with the future of Sweden at LARM!

LARM2021 is on the 9th of February, 2021. Because of the current Covid-19 situation, the fair-day will be realized virtually thanks to the virtual platform Graduateland. Before the day of the fair, pre-LARM takes place, from January 28th to February 8th. This period of time is filled with events that help inspire, inform and motivate the students.


Before the day of the fair, pre-LARM takes place, from January 28th to February 8th. This period of time is filled with events that help inspire, inform and motivate the students. If the conditions allow, the idea is that pre-LARM is to consist of a hybrid between digital and physical events, and we hope to see you there. Hosting an event at pre-LARM will give you a great opportunity to meet and have a more personal experiace with the students before the actual fair on February 9. #### Evening events Meet students in a more relaxed environment. Perhaps a nice dinner followed with some mingle. You could co-host a quiz, beer-tasting or maybe a bowling night. The possibilities are endless! #### Lecture A lecture with some food is the optimal way to attract students to your event. The lecture is usually during lunch and should be 45 minutes max. It is much appreciated to serve a lunch, or a snack if it is earlier/later on the day, while you present an interesting topic. #### More events Do you have other ideas about events that the students could be interested in? Maybe a visit to the main office? Cooking-class with the boss? If you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding how we can catch the interest of the students. Previous events that have been much appreciated are case evenings and start-up nights.


The Basic package has this year been lowered to 19 900 SEK. This includes, but is not limited to: - Full day at Graduateland with chat, video- and audio chat. You will gain tools to filter students on program, master and academic age as well as on a score calculated on how well their profile match what you are looking for - Technical support during and before the fair - Exposure at LARM’s official website - Carbon offset for the fair There will also be potential for you to customize your experience at LARM2021 by purchasing additional add-ons. This could be for example live presentations during the fair, statistics for insight after the fair or career talks. Career talks are one-on-one meetings between exhibitors and students where you can form closer relationships with pre-selected students that might suit your company well. Due to the current circumstances, the project group of LARM2021 is working hard to develop a new product catalogue. If you would like to view the finished product catalogue, please click here.


The Initial registration is open from the 24th of September until the 16th of October. Seize this amazing opportunity and register now! The initial registration is the first step to take when participating in LARM2021. After the Initial registration, a Complete registration will follow for the companies that have received a confirmation of attendance. The complete registration will be open from the 26th of October until the 20th of November.

How does the platform work?

As an exhibitor, you will create a profile on the platform with information about your organization. You will also be able to create a Q&A, link your career portal, post pictures and videos etc. When a student enters your profile they will be able to see the content and reach out to one of your employees to talk about either a predefined topic of your choice; or just have a more general chat. If the student seems like a good candidate you can ask to start a video chat to really give an impression and maybe even encourage the student to apply for one of your current job opportunities directly from the platform. There will also be live presentations running on the platform throughout the day which all students visiting the fair will be able to see while online. This is a perfect opportunity for you to talk about internships, show off your office or maybe discuss the future of your field. More detailed information regarding how to set up your very own virtual stand on the platform will be given closer to the fair-day.

Find relevant candidates with a few clicks

Graduateland is designed to optimize the relevance for both students and companies visiting the fair. This is done through an algorithm matching the student's profiles with what your company is looking for. Through the platform you will be able to: - Access a list of all the students registered to the virtual fair and filter on program, master, academic age and overall matching-score. - Access to student's profiles and the information the student has provided their profile with such as education, skill sets, interests, CV, etc. - Find and reach out to all the students registered to the fair or the students with profiles that fit your company's needs.

After the Fair

Your chats will be saved on the platform during a time period after the fair. These chats can be treated like a talent pool meaning that you can stay in touch with the students and make sure that you do not only meet them once, but follow them over time. After the fair, you will be able to request fair insights containing statistics on the students that you have attracted during the day. These insights will include information such as total numbers of students, which programs they study, which academic year they are in etc. This data could be valuable for analyzing marketing segments as well as following up on your strategies for future work.

How will we attract students to the platform?

For many students at LiU, LARM is the obvious step into the business world. No matter if it is a first job, internship or just networking on LinkedIn. We have had many students reaching out to us in hope that the fair will take place because of struggles getting jobs and getting in contact with companies which indicates that the interests from the students are larger than ever. We in the project group of LARM2021 will work hard on familiarizing the students with Graduateland long before the actual fair. This will be done by for example helping the students with setting up their profiles, updating their CVs as well as helping them navigate the platform. This to ensure that the students are ready to interact with you once its time for the actual fair. Since we are not planning an extensive fair at our campus, we are going to divert a lot more of our resources, both manpower and money, towards internal marketing to attract students to Graduateland. We are currently deriving ideas regarding how this is best done. Ideas being discussed include gamification, competitions with real-life prizes as well as hidden gift cards given out by exhibitors. Note that this is currently only ideas and not set. If you as a company have any additional ideas from your experience at past fairs, do not hesitate to contact us!

Educations at LiTH

Computer Science and Engineering

  • M.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering (Civilingenjör i Datateknik)
  • M.Sc in Information Technology (Civilingenjör i Informationsteknologi)
  • B.Sc in Programming (Kandidat i Innovativ programmering)

Electronics Design and Engineering

  • M.Sc in Electronics Design Engineering (Civilingenjör i Elektronikdesign)

Graphic Design and Communication

  • B.Sc in Graphic Design and Communication (Kandidat i Grafisk design och kommunikation)

Industrial Engineering and Management

  • M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management (Civilingenjör i Industriell ekonomi)
  • M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management – International (Civilingenjör i Industriell ekonomi – Internationell)

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