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Host Information

General information

Being a host at LARM is a valuable engagement. You will get the opportunity to cooperate with students outside your own association, create connections for the future, and get an insight into one of the biggest student organizations at LiU.

Keep in mind that while you are doing your host assignments, you are representing the LARM organization, and so your actions will reflect upon the organization.

What to do

  • Fetch your LARM-backpack during LARMs during our PR-week in Collo if you did not get it during the host workshop.
  • Attend Construction Monday on the 12th of February.
  • Attend the Fair Day on the 13th of February.

11/12 Host Introduction

You can find the slides from the host introduction here: Host Introduction, and the slides about equal opportunities here: Equal Opportunities (the English version starts from slide 14).

You should also have been added to a messenger group. If you have not been added to a messenger group, please contact This does not apply to exhibitor hosts.

22/1 Host Workshop

The PowerPoint from the workshop can be accessed through the following link: Host Presentation

The presentation contains information about the Fair Day. If you were unable to attend the workshop, you can retrieve your LARM-backpack during the workshop, you can come by the LARM-showcase during our PR-weeks.

In addition, there were presentations for each respective host group. You can find the PowerPoints from these presentations under the respective host categories further down this page.

12/2 Construction Monday

The fair's construction takes place on the 12th of February, starting at 15.30 in C1. All hosts are expected to participate, but if you cannot attend for some reason contact your coordinator as soon as you know. The construction will continue until everything is done (approximately 21.00), and you will receive a lighter meal during the evening.

13/2 The Fair Day

You should have received a more detailed schedule from your coordinator. You will be given about an hour of free time in the schedule to see the fair.

You will be given breakfast and lunch during the day, as well as access to the host lounge where you will find snacks and hot beverages, as well as a place to stay if you have nothing to do.

13/2 The Banquet

Key Information:

  • When? 13th of February at 18.30
  • Where? Konsert & Kongress in Linköping
  • Dress code? Dark suit The Banquet will consist of a three-course dinner, entertainment, and good company. It is expected to end at 22.30 with the after-party lasting until 02.00. There will also be an opportunity to mingle after the banquet, outside the banquet hall.