Let’s Talk Sustainability! - A panel debate between businesses

The fact that sustainability is one of the hottest topics right now is hard to debate. Companies in all types of industries are shifting focus and investigating what they can do/contribute with. The answers are often very different from each other, as all industries are different. It is at this difference LARM2020 puts the focus, creates a forum and invites companies from SIZ to discuss.

Are you curious about how different companies work with sustainability? What the biggest challenges for the future look like? How sustainability work affects the business? Or do you perhaps have your own question you want to ask? Sign up for the event and take part in this important discussion!

The companies participating will be our Social Impact Zone participants: SSAB, SMHI and Populum.

The first 200 to sign up will get a falafel roll (food preferences will not be catered to) but everybody are welcome to come and listen!

Time: 12:15 - 13.00

Place: C4