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Frequently Asked Questions

Armin EhrenwallArmin Ehrenwall Committee, Head of IT
edited January 12 in FAQ #1

What is LARM by definition?

LARM is a career fair that is held on Campus Valla primarily for students attending educations at The Institute of Technology. There will be more than 150 exhibitors and up to 9000 visitors, making it Linköping University’s biggest career fair, covering approximately 1000 kvm of showcase space. On February 12th, 2019 the fair will take place for the 38th time on Campus Valla.

Who arranges LARM?

LARM is a career fair arranged each year by LinTek, the Union of Technology and Science Students at Linköping University. LARM consists of a Committee and group of Coordinators, which are dedicated students attending Linköping University, working together to create larger possibilities for students to find a desirable career. The organisation of LARM consists of different levels of dedicated students. Responsible for the whole organisation is the Project Manager that works with LARM as a full-time employee in LinTek. The committee itself consists of 18 people and varies in their levels of studies. The committee and their 19 coordinators all work with LARM voluntarily. This year we also have 206 hosts on different posts, which makes the whole organisation include 244 people including our Project Manager. As a host you will be the face of LARM towards students and exhibitors.

How will the day of the fair look like?

LARM2019 will take place at Campus Valla on February 12th, 2019. The fair will be open between 09-16. Your Coordinator will inform you about when and where your shift starts through this Host Portal. After the fair is closed at 16, the disassembly immediately begins. When done, we get ready for the Banquet! The fair consists of three areas; the C-building, the Tent at Blå havet and the Dining hall in Kårallen. There will be two Information Desks, one located in Colosseum in the C-building and one in Kårallen. In Colosseum, there will also be a logistics desk. In the event of an emergency, there are first aid kits available at each Information Desk. Individual meetings will be held in the A-building. There will be a check-in desk at Ledsna flickan in the same building.

How do I obtain Host Portal access? What do I do if I cannot log in?

For questions concerning for example the functionality of this page or the day of the fair, please refer to the Contact a LARM Representative page.

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