The Two Weeks Leading Up to the Fair

During two weeks prior to the fair, several events hosted by different companies will take place, which we call pre-LARM. The events are meant to inspire, inform, and motivate the students. Hosting an event at pre-LARM will give you a great opportunity to meet and have a more personal experience with the students before the actual fair.

Examples of Possible Events during pre-LARM

Evening events

Meet the students in a more relaxed environment. Perhaps a nice dinner followed by some mingle. You could co-host a quiz, beer tasting, or maybe a bowling night. The possibilities are endless!


A lecture with some food is the optimal way to attract students to your event! The lecture is usually during lunch and should be 45 minutes max. It is much appreciated to serve lunch or a snack if it is earlier/ later on the day, while you present an interesting topic.

More Events

Do you have more ideas about events that students could be interested in? Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding how we can catch the interest of the students. Previous events that have been much appreciated are case evenings and start-up nights.