What is pre-LARM?

Before the actual Fair day, events are held during a period of two weeks to make it possible for companies to introduce their business concept even before the 14th of February. Since pre-LARM makes it possible for students to deepen their connection with companies, the events held during these weeks are appreciated among students. To make the best out of your LARM2023 experience, we are happy to discuss and help you plan exciting events. For more information regarding different types of events, read below. If you are interested in hosting an event during pre-LARM, please consider what dates between the 31st of January and the 13th of February that you are able to host.

Lunch Lecture During pre-LARM

The perfect way to get the students’ attention is by hosting a lunch lecture, which takes place between 12.15-13.00. Typical topics are current trends within different technology sectors and how they are handled or a Career Story from a significant employee, preferably an alumni from Linköping University. What obstacles have they encountered, how did they overcome them and how did they go from being a student at Linköping University to an employee at your company? Providing a meal is always appreciated and a good way to attract students to the event. Price: 15 000 SEK in Linköping/12 500 SEK in Norrköping.

Case Night During pre-LARM

As an exhibitor, you create a case that the students’ discuss and solve. A case event is a good way to attract students with an interest in you as an exhibitor or case solving. Providing a meal is always appreciated and a good way to attract students to the event. Price: 15 000 SEK in Linköping/12 500 SEK in Norrköping.

LARM Talks Sustainability During pre-LARM

This is an evening event where we focus on sustainability. This event will be held with a few companies that will discuss sustainability together with students. It will be a more relaxed event with the opportunity to connect with students. The evening will start with a presentation where you will have 15-20 minutes to present your company. Continuing with food serving and time to mingle with the students. Later all the companies will discuss a few chosen topics regarding sustainability where the student will be able to ask questions. Price: 10 000 SEK excl. food.

Other Types of Events During pre-LARM

If you have any ideas of your own, we are always open for new and exciting types of events. For example, you can host an evening event which often creates a more relaxed and inviting environment for both the students and you. Previous events held during pre-LARM are Start-up Nights and Quiz Nights. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous then perhaps you would like to host a beer tasting, a cook-along or go bowling! If you are interested in hosting an event not specified above, don't hesitate to discuss different options and ideas with the Head of Events at

Individual Meetings During The Fair Day

Individual meetings are held during The Fair day and gives you the opportunity to deepen your contact with students from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University. Students will apply for private meetings, then the company representatives will have the possibility to select which students they want to meet. This is a great way to talk to students individually and at the same time present your company. The individual meetings take around 20-30 minutes and are held on Campus Valla throughout the day. Price: 5 000 SEK (per room)

Don’t hesitate to contact the Head of Events at if you have any questions about events during pre-LARM or The Fair day!