The Committee LARM2020!

We’re proudly presenting the LARM Committee 2020!

Meet the LARM Committee 2020:

Axel Skvagerson – Team Leader Communication
Viktor Wahlberg – Head of Web & UX
Erik Tilly – Head of Marketing (Campaign & Recruitment)
Johan Olesund – Head of Marketing (External relations)
Pascal Améstegui Fuentes – Art Director
Emma Helmersson – Team Leader Career Fair
Daniel Österberg – Head of Services
Elin Norberg – Head of Premises
Emma Körling – Head of Information
Carl Magnusson – Head of Logistics
Marika Johnsson – Team Leader External Relations
Vraj Patel – Account Manager
Isabelle Olsson – Account Manager
Victor Lewén – Account Manager
Ludvig Åberg Aas – Account Manager