The Committee LARM2020!

We’re proudly presenting the LARM Committee 2020. We’re still looking for the right competences in the roles as Art Director and Head of Marketing (External Relations) and have chosen to open up the application for the following. Are you interested in any of these positions? Email as soon as possible. Interviews are ongoing so don’t hesitate to send an email already today.

Meet the LARM Committee 2020:

Axel Skvagerson – Team Leader Communication
Viktor Wahlberg – Head of Web & UX
Erik Tilly – Head of Marketing (Campaign & Recruitment)
Emma Helmersson – Team Leader Career Fair
Daniel Österberg – Head of Services
Elin Norberg – Head of Premises
Emma Körling – Head of Information
Carl Magnusson – Head of Logistics
Marika Johnsson – Team Leader External Relations
Vraj Patel – Account Manager
Isabelle Olsson – Account Manager
Victor Lewén – Account Manager
Ludvig Åberg Aas – Account Manager