Lunch lecture Vricon

Datum: 08 February

  • Location: TP1, Campus Norrköping
  • Time: 12:15-13:00
  • Number of spots: 135

Vricon is a company with unique capabilities in the forefront of current technology. Vricon’s mission is to be the source of the most accurate digital representation of the globe in 3D, generating new capabilities. Vricon has currently 80 employees on two sites. The US site, close to Washington DC, with 35 employees, is focused on large scale 3D production and sales in USA. The Swedish site, located in Linköping, is focused on R&D and global sales, with about 45 employees. The presentation will give you an insight in how a startup is formed and developed to a mature but still very agile and flexible company. It will also describe how to create a photorealistic and accurate Globe in 3D based on images from space, 700 km above the surface of the Earth, and challenges and solutions in exploiting and visualizing these datasets.